My Next Big Project: Kid Alphabet Book #3

But first, an introduction. Here is the cover and a sample page from the first one I did for my daughter:
I made this for her because when she was learning her letters, she knew capital letters really well but not small letters. When asked what the letters in "hello" were, she said "h - e - eleven - o." Which is really cool in its own way, but I doubt her school would think so.

So I made this book to be very plain, one big letter and one specific image on each page. I know a lot of alphabet books have a million things that start with each letter, but I wanted to be able to say "Remember that letter? It's on the page with the kangaroo" so that each one would be easier to remember. Either this book helped a lot (my version) or all the time my wife spent with her on her letters did (more likely reality), but I enjoyed doing it.

So then I did one for my second child. A bit late, according to my wife, since he already knew the letters by the time I finished, but I wanted him to have his own as well. Here are the cover and a sample page:

Now I'm on the third one. She doesn't know many letters yet (she's only 1) so I have a chance to get this done in time. On the other hand, I want to do this one like the bear I just finished instead of computer illustration, so perhaps it will get done in time for her own kids to learn from it. But I can dream, can't I?

You'll be seeing some rough sketches for this soon.

The best part about doing alphabet books for your kids is that you automatically end up doing 26 drawings at the least. So if you're an artist and you want an excuse to spend a lot of time drawing, offer to make someone an alphabet book.


  1. spiekermann would be so proud :)

  2. Very cool Sam! What a great thing for them to have!

  3. Awsome!! You should make a profit on this.