Hobbit Day Birthday Cards

This Saturday (September 22nd) is Hobbit Day, because that's Frodo and Bilbo's birthday in the books. So I got it in mind to make a birthday card. Then I began wondering where you would get birthday cards in Middle Earth. Then (in another free-associative leap) I wondered if you did have, say, Hallmark Cards in the Shire, what kind of cards would they sell? So I went from thinking of doing a drawing for Hobbit Day to designing a selection of birthday cards for an imaginary card shop:

(click on image to enlarge)

And then (I couldn't stop) I went on to look up how card sellers show their cards online, and how they show the inside message. Once I looked that up, I had to follow suit:

(click on images to enlarge) 

Happy Hobbit Day!


Even Gooder Good Guys

Back to the Pirates... and, of course, the kids have to be on the crew. But as usual, they're very inspiring, so when I first saw them on a blank white page I knew that it wasn't quite there yet. So, to make a page worthy of these swashbucklers, I decided to put it on paper the like of Old Flint's map.


My first animated gif

A gateway into animation! A very cheesy gateway, from my pretty basic pig, but animation nonetheless. Pixar be warned, I'm up and coming.