Hans My Hedgehog

An illustration that got into Indigo Press' "Modern Grimmoire." They're an independent publisher, but the book is available on Amazon.

I always like "Hans My Hedgehog" ever since I read it in Grimm's Fairy Tales, mainly because it's so surreal. He's a half-human, half-hedgehog who's parents want him to leave. He agrees, but only if they shoe his rooster and give him bagpipes. Only after I started drawing it did I realize what an unfortunate instrument a bagpipe is for an animal with sharp spines!


Book - The Last Akaway

Haven't posted for a while, but that's because I've been working on a book! Front cover, illustrations, everything. Couldn't post anything until the work was released!

It's "The Last Akaway" by Gary Karton. If you're in to Harry Potter-age literature (kids? Young adult? Juvenile fiction? Hard to keep track what each sub-genre is called), I definitely recommend the book (I can say that because my work on it is completely done, so I'm unbiased at this point).

I did like the story a lot - not a requirement to do illustrations, but definitely made it more enjoyable to work on!


Threadless contest - please vote!

Threadless is having a T-shirt contest for Monsters Inc. and Disney. This is my entry - if you like it, please go to http://beta.threadless.com/monstersinc/boo-23/ and vote. You'll have to sign up, if you haven't voted on Threadless before, but there's some really great art there so it's worth it just to browse. Any votes you could send my way would be greatly appreciated - thanks!


I'm on They Draw and Cook this month!

The recipe/art site They Draw and Cook has six "Giggling Good Recipes" as the highlight this month, and my art was one of the six pieces included! You can see their site here (which I recommend – a lot of good art there). Or, when they have a different feature some other time, you can see the art here.