The Good Guy Pirates

Beginning a new book! Most likely another Christmas book, at the rate this one is going, but finally glad to get it started. It's another book that my youngest daughter "wrote" (or rather dictated). And I'm glad to start it because every day she asks if I have! So now I can say yes.

The art style will be the same as The Jungle Explorers, but the format will be a little different. This story is a lot longer, or at least it is if I make one page per scene like the last one. So this one may end up looking more like a graphic novel. Not bad for a budding writer all of four years old!

(erratum: she's actually five now. But she made up this story, as well as another one I have to draw as well, last year. At this rate, she'll get the second one when she's six, and may have come up with many more in the meantime.)