Cupid: Target Practice

Gotta keep his aim sharp.

Happy Valentine's Day!

And yes, every time I try to type "Valentine's," muscle memory always makes me type "Valentino's" and I have to correct it.


Dragonfurit - completed!

Finished the painting! Good thing too, because we ate the dragonfruit.


Work in Progress - Dragonfruit

A work in progress - a dragonfruit for Chinese New Year. Needs a lot more work on the end details, and more shadows, but it's a start!


Chinese New Year banner

And one lucky rat starts off the New Year right by getting the cheese! Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


Pirate Santa

"Avast, me hearties, we need to get this booty under the trees before the light o' dawn! But woes to them that be on the naughty list, arrrr!"

Once I realized that "Ho ho ho" and "Yo ho, yo ho" weren't all that different, this drawing was inevitable.

On an unrelated note, one thing I've noticed in Christmas decorations and ads this year is the "buff Santa." No round belly, often not even a white beard. Lookin' burly. That fact didn't influence the illustration, but drawing him this way certainly fits in with the times!


Penguin, James Penguin

A sketch inspired by one of my favorite Christmas songs, "Penguin, James Penguin" by #bradpaisley.

This is from the part where the lyrics say "Then a knight in shining polyester waddled through his door."



Inktober Chapter 31: Ripe

Okay, Mr. Judgy Wizard, you’d smell pretty ripe too if you were covered in monster goo!
That brings the Inktober story to an end. Thanks for reading! And thanks to #jakeparker for Inktober and the prompt list.
Happy Halloween everyone!