The Jungle Explorers - 2

The first page of my daughter's book. I'm planning on doing all the pages like this - bright, flat colors, to make the characters pop.

When I started, I thought I would have all this wrapped up in a week. It seems she's quite the writer - to do it justice, there will be pages and pages of illustrations. Maybe I should encourage her to write haiku.


  1. Love your art and quirky notes. I just realised I've been reading your blog for ages... now my kids are running crazily around the house unsupervised. And I think they have the hose! I'll have to come back to learn more about those snailephants and monster kings when the kids have gone to bed.

  2. Thanks! Although I have to say... kids with the hose? Aaaaahh! Scarier than monster kings! I know this from personal experience.