Hobbit Day Birthday Cards

This Saturday (September 22nd) is Hobbit Day, because that's Frodo and Bilbo's birthday in the books. So I got it in mind to make a birthday card. Then I began wondering where you would get birthday cards in Middle Earth. Then (in another free-associative leap) I wondered if you did have, say, Hallmark Cards in the Shire, what kind of cards would they sell? So I went from thinking of doing a drawing for Hobbit Day to designing a selection of birthday cards for an imaginary card shop:

(click on image to enlarge)

And then (I couldn't stop) I went on to look up how card sellers show their cards online, and how they show the inside message. Once I looked that up, I had to follow suit:

(click on images to enlarge) 

Happy Hobbit Day!


  1. Nice creativity, all cards have suitable colors and here i am sharing a link you can get more ideas from Birthday cards

  2. this is perfect ;D its my dads birthday soon and he just got me into the hobbit, its now one of my favorite books and i thought this would be a great card. I'm also thinking of framing the poem far over misty mountains cold for him ;D

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  4. So excited about this new challenge! Thanks for creating and very much looking forward to playing along -- and getting on top of my card making for 2013!!
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  5. Your approach inspires me a lot..