Interlude – The Gingerbread Policeman (I)

Here's another thing while I'm painting. It's a book that I did for my kids, so I'll put up images from it every so often during the down times on the alphabet book.

It was a bit of an experiment. Every Christmas I try to make a book for the kids, and this last year I wrote one that included all of them, doing all the things they like to do. It was received with what can best be described as apathy. It was pointed out to me that A) it was Christmas and there's far too many toys to care about books and B) it was in black and white.

So, as an experiment, I decided to try one in color, and see how quickly I could do it. The result is this book, which I gave to them the day before Easter. That way I A) avoided competing with candy on the actual day and B) gave them something in color. It was much better received. So next Christmas it's going to be all color again. And hopefully finished before Christmas day.

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