The Gingerbread Policeman (V)

The next day.

It's been some work to try and re-design the way I draw my daughter for the alphabet book, yet keep the style consistent. Finally got it today, though, I think – the line drawing, at least. Tomorrow, I paint! But until then, I have a lot of gingerbread illustrations.

These were so much fun to do that it's the way I now like to work. Up until this, I was focusing mainly on computer illustration, like the previous two alphabet books. But when I tried to do something more than spot illustration in Illustrator, I found it incredibly boring to spend all that time making all the little points and shapes. This is basically the same style, but in a traditional medium and a lot more fun.

I had mentioned that my daughter liked Little Red Riding Hood. One day she said she didn't want a green cup, because there were no green princesses. By this, I assumed she meant that Disney had not marketed any princesses dressed in green. So I told her to make up her own story about a green princess. She came up with (naturally) Little Green Riding Hood. It turned out to be a good story, so I was trying to illustrate that one as well. It was when I was doing the full page illustrations for it that I came to my conclusion about working in Illustrator.

Once I'm done with the Gingerbread Policeman pics, I'll put up the ones I finished for that one, done on computer. I still want to do something with her story, but in watercolor, even if it does mean re-doing the few that I've already finished.

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