The Gingerbread Policeman (III)

I'm jumping ahead a bit in the story, but this is the Gingerbread Man and the fox – make that Officer Fox – on the other side of the river. In my story, the fox took him away from the others not to eat him, but to recruit him for police force. In this picture the Gingerbread Man is taking him up on the deal.

I was going to put a part in the book about the fox swimming back over and claiming to have eaten the Gingerbread Man, to throw everyone off. But it slowed the story down too much, so I decided to leave it to the imagination (or this blog, now that I've written it).

More work being done on the alphabet book. The hard part is determining how Arianna will look throughout, even though I've already done one picture of her. Fortunately, her eyes were closed, because that's the thing that's going to change the most from the way I drew the kids in the other books. So I'll keep putting up Gingerbread Policeman images until I can get another alphabet painting finished.


  1. Perfectly charming! The Gingerbread Policeman is so quirky and fun, I wish I'd thought of it.

  2. Thanks so much! Praise from a writing teacher is praise indeed.