Interlude: Barbarian Squirrels Astride Battle Penguins

Last night my wife had a nightmare about penguins, yes, penguins getting into the trash cans. They were aided and abetted by squirrels, and before long the whole mob had gotten into the house.

Being the loving husband that I am, I naturally visualized it for her. I will no doubt receive vast praise for bringing nightmares to life.

As soon as I'm finished with the alphabet book, you'll be seeing this one in color.


  1. Dear "Loving Husband", Thank you. Most people wake up from their nightmares. You documented mine. I am sure the quirrels and penguins will love to share their great finds with you.

  2. Maybe the color version could be a mural for our wall. Sounds great, right?

  3. Those are bold squirrels. When attacking a trash can of that size, they are typically more reserved and would resort to a frontal assault using a trebuchet.