Arianna's Alphabet Book: And this is the easy one

The only one left is the letter I, which has even more going on in the illustration!

S for stairs was one of the first concepts I came up with, even though it's gone through a lot of revisions. I initially was going to do the classic straight but steep stairway up into a murky height. But when I began drawing it, a tall stairway didn't look as interesting as an endlessly meandering one. It seemed the sort of thing that an Evil Queen would build – if she must put a stairway in, she'll make it as inconvenient a way of access as possible.

Then I thought it would look even more daunting looking down.

The stairs won't daunt Arianna, but the shadows on the figures just might. She's incredibly intimidated by her own shadow. I think she doesn't like that it seems stuck to her feet. On sunny days, we have to pick her up, because she won't walk if she sees her shadow.

Maybe the figures are so far in the distance that she won't recognize that it's supposed to be her shadow. Or so I hope!

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  1. I am surprised "S" isn't for sword or shield! It would have been a lot easier that stairs. Even "sprinkles" would be easier, no perspective needed. I must say I wasn't too sure how would the stairs turn out when I saw the first couple layers. I think you did a great job on the stairs. I like the details a lot. Yes, the stairs look very daumtiing.