Mother's Day Revisited

Here's the Mother's Day card I drew for my wife. Why I would draw this probably needs a little explanation.

The kids all love to play Jack and the Beanstalk. The stairs are the beanstalk and the rooms upstairs are the giant's castle. The giant – that is, me – has to pretend to sleep while guarding a golden chicken, which Jack comes to steal (in actuality, it's a chicken that lays golden eggs. However, we don't have anything that lays golden eggs, or even a chicken, as the part of the chicken is played by a rubber duck. But you work with what you have).

The only problem is that everyone wants to be the giant. You go upstairs, pretend to sleep, and when someone steals the golden chicken you jump up and chase them all over the place. So all three kids want to be the little giants that help the big giant catch that nasty thieving Jack.

So – you guessed it – the part of Jack is inevitably played by my wife (I guess the feminine form would be Jackie and the Beanstalk).

On a side note, the whole game started when my daughter did play Jack, and cut down the stairs, er, beanstalk. Then my son said "tape tape tape," meaning he taped the beanstalk back together so I could keep chasing her. I called him the little giant for helping me and the whole thing just escalated from there.