Interlude (I)

I was doodling a bear (obviously a motif that's on my mind lately) and when it was done I was really pleased with it. Here it is, in its original notebook paper form:
Really rough, of course, and he has three hands, but I liked it. Usually, I'd slap this on a light table and do a tight tracing of it, but I liked the sketchiness of it – made it look more furry to me, somehow. So instead of re-doing it, I took it into PhotoShop, and:
Still sketchy, but at least with the right amount of hands. So then I took it to rough color:
Needs more work, but getting out the watercolors for some fun fluff is good practice for the big troll drawing I'm about to start (it's transferred to watercolor paper at this point, so ready to roll). I'll put the final of this on as well when I finish, but that'll take a bit longer than these first quick steps.

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