More Bear's Son Art

Now that I've finished writing the Bear's Son story, I can work on sketches of scenes that are actually in the book. In this one, the Bear's Son and Bear Cub come face to face with a troll.

I love trolls for children's stories. They're tough enough to rip cars in two, but fragile enough to turn to stone if they're exposed to sunlight. So you either have to be a superhero to take one on in a fair fight, or a five-year-old clever enough to trick one out into the sunshine. No end of possibilities for little kids to be heroes.

I compromise in my story – the Bear's Son is phenomenally strong, so he just picks the troll up and tosses it out into the sunlight.

Here's the sketch – I'm happy with the troll but the composition of the other figures and the trees seems to need a bit of work. There may be a bit of change as this gets closer to a finish.

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  1. I just LOVE that troll Sam!!! What a great character!