Finally, More Frog Prince

Been away from this one too long, but that's what major home renovation will do to you.

Page 15 was a collaborative effort with my wife. She liked the drawing, but the expression on the princess' face just didn't say "Ew, yucky" to her. I thought about changing the expression by adding eyebrows, but it just didn't work. Then we came up with just changing the shape of the whites of her eyes, which is such a fun solution I may revisit some of the older ones to see if it would apply to any of them.

1 comment:

  1. I like the mouth shape in the 'ew yucky' drawing. How about a tongue and wrinkled nose to show disgust? Though that may be a little over dramatic since she's been pretty tame so far.

    I just storyboarded a film about a little girl who hates her dinner and ends up having a fight with it. So I had a lot of practice drawing disgusted looks on a little girl. :-) It's different in animation though compared to illustration - we try to exaggerate a lot more.