And They Lived Happily Ever After

The last page of the Frog Prince! Now all I have to do is print up a copy for her. Or several, after seeing the fate of the Happy ABCs.

One thing I never mentioned. The reason I dressed Princess Moy Moy the way I did is because that's how Arianna likes to pretend to be a princess. She has a big pink bath towel that she wraps around herself, and sways back and forth saying "priiiincess." That's also why Moy Moy's dress has an empire waist - Arianna always holds it up high like that!


  1. The collar looks great! Better than trying a different color. Good thinking!

  2. Have to give Serena the credit on the collar idea. And it helped that you said that while you didn't see it as an open shirt, you also didn't see it as the frog's belly either, so it no longer seemed as necessary to keep.