Arianna's Alphabet Book: Q

Q for "Quick!" and queen.

Another fun one to do. I liked getting closer to the figures, for the sake of Arianna's hands. Usually the fingers are just little stubs in proportion to the rest of her, but up close they can be more expressive. Also got to get back to the acrylic highlights and shadows – the illustration for Y didn't seem to need it, but it helped here.

My older daughter (age 6) saw the post for Y. She liked it, but said she couldn't figure out what in the picture started with the letter Y. I had to explain to her that what the characters say in the story has a Y in the sentence. I like making this one a story, but if Arianna gets equally confused when I finish this and show it to her, I may need to reference one of the other 2 alphabet books to help!

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