My first blog

A blog was inevitable, once I broke down and accepted my first i-pod. From here it's just a long slippery slope to acquiring the Kindle.

My wife is my over-the-shoulder editor. Dangerously, I'm choosing to ignore her comments so I can actually have my own blog. So she's just threatened to write her blog about my blog. I'll just have to put something weird on here eventually so she'll have something to write about.

In the meantime, here's some art (the real reason I've started this):

This started out as a request from a history professor about Celtic mythology. He asked if I'd ever drawn a ram-headed serpent, and I hadn't. So I sketched one out. Then I thought it needed some colored pencil. Then I got too carried away and had to white out the background with acrylic paint, which resulted in the background being far richer and more interesting than the actual drawing itself. Consequently, my quick pencil sketch turned into a full painting almost without me paying attention.

And, on the other end of the spectrum from monster snakes:

This is a drawing I did for our wedding anniversary. When people saw me drawing this, they said it was so romantic. When the big day came and I showed my wife, she said I needed to work on the mid-tones. That's what happens when artists marry artists.

And finally, a work in progress:

This is from a book I did for my kids' Christmas present. I've always wanted to do the whole story in full color for them (well, in a perfect world I'd also be doing the whole thing in color for some publishers, en route to being made into a film franchise, making me enough money to single-handedly save the economy). I've started this one – as it progresses I'll display it either with pride or in despair, depending how it comes along.


  1. I really like all of these! I love the brush strokes on the snake and I really like the flowers too (no matter what that wife of yours says), I love the colors and how you break the picture frame! Very nice! Was that done in acrylic?

  2. Hi Darlene - thanks (again! in reverse order. I read your later comment first). Actually, the flowers are Nupastel, the same ones Serena compared to a warm, well, you know the rest. BUT I think that demonstrates that these are my tools of choice, and she's lucky to be able to use them!