Cats Make Honey (1)

I mentioned that I do books for my kids. The first one I ever did was "Cats Make Honey."

One day at breakfast, when my daughter was about 3 years old, she told me that cats make honey. I liked the idea of that so much that I made up a story to go with it and spent months on the illustrations. Naturally, by the time I gave it to her (Christmas) she had completely forgotten she had said it and told me that cats don't make honey.

But it did get me into the habit of making books for the kids each year at Christmas. This year was number 4. The drawing I want to make into a painting is from the second one. If I keep this up, and try and make books that still interest them, in about 10 years I'll be writing teen angst novels.

Here's the picture of all the bumblecats in their hive making honey:

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