Map of Midgard

Another illustration for The Making of Middle Earth - a map of the world as the Vikings saw it. The author wanted to show where Tolkien got the concept of "Middle Earth" as the name for the world.

This started out as just a sketch, that I kept building on until this point, and it ended up getting used in the book!

Coincidentally, there's been a lot of Norse mythology around the house lately - the kids saw the movie Thor and wanted to know more about him. I had to explain that this is based on a comic book and not actual mythology, so then they wanted to know the real stories. So for their bedtime stories I've told them about Tyr (or Tiu, that Tuesday is named after), and now we're in the middle of how Thor got his hammer from the dwarfs. The Midgard Serpent shows up in the Tyr story - now that I think about it, I should show them this map too, it might help them get it!

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