Mosaic Medley - my entry

A friend of mine is starting a themed illustration site. I'd explain it, but I'd only be reiterating what she already said, so click here to go there. It also has submission info, if anyone's interested!

The theme for this first one is snow. As a person who lives in New England, this is about what I feel the clouds are doing to us. Deliberately. With a smirk on their faces.

On the other hand, though, just driving around makes me feel like I'm in the first Star Wars movie. The plowed snow banks are so high that it looks like I'm flying in the channel to destroy the Death Star. All I need are some Tie Fighters (or, conversely, a better grasp of reality) and I'm all set.

1 comment:

  1. HA! That is SUPER, Sam! I love it..and it's so dead-pan that I'm just still smiling thinking of that poor fellow. I'll check out your friend's site..great idea! Always nice of you to visit - thanks so much for your kind words..have a wonderful week ahead.