They Draw and Cook - the recipe half

Good news and bad news with this. The good news is that they liked it over at the They Draw and Cook site. The bad news is that it doesn't qualify for their holiday contest. My mistake, really – I thought it was to get a recipe to them in time for the holidays, but what they meant was a recipe for the holidays. So, as much as I'd have liked to have gotten it in to the Food Network contest, even I have to admit that the fish swordsman doesn't really match the theme. Even reworking it with a santa hat instead of a samurai helmet probably isn't going to do the trick.

However, if the Food Network ever celebrates something like Ninja Month, I'm soooo sending it in.

On a side note, big big big thanks to my wife for the recipe!


  1. I think Ninja Claus would be a big hit! Sorry about the contest Sam.....the recipe sounds great!

  2. Hello, I'm Silent Snail. Thank you for following my blog :D

  3. Hi Samuel, don't worry, more contest will come!
    I like your Samurai fish! So brave...

  4. Hi there, what a shame. The illustration is really great and it sound super yummy!

  5. Thanks everyone! And I have to say, Eva is right - the recipe is superb. I'm a lucky guy with my wife's cooking.