Big Doings

In size, if nothing else. The kids' Vacation Bible School needed a couple murals for a backdrop, so I volunteered to pitch in. I wasn't the only one – a bunch of the older kids painted a lot of other murals. It's just that they could use an overhead projector to trace theirs, but I had to make these two up to fit a certain space. That being said, they did an amazing amount of work, very quickly.

This is me at home, working on our newly finished floor. I could only do that without fear because of what I'm painting on. It's some kind of weird plastic wrap/paper napkin hybrid that lets no liquid through at all. I have no idea what this stuff is normally used for, or why it's produced in such large sizes, but it works great for impromptu murals.


  1. These murals look fantastic!

  2. Please find out what the material is and where to get it. I am doing some murals for our VBS this year and would love an alternative for the expensive muslin theater backdrops. What type of paint did you have to use to paint on that material?

    1. Hi - I realize you asked this last year, but I finally found out what it was! They are disposable painter's drop cloths. Paper on one side, thin plastic on the other. Kinda fragile but very inexpensive.