The Things I Drew for Love

Or rather, Looooove, but that’s another story.

So. My wife decided to make stuffed cabbage to share with the neighbors, and wanted a logo to go with it. We’re artists, it’s what we do. So she asked me to do a drawing of the two of us stuffing a whole cow, that was holding a bag of rice, into a cabbage.

I love these kinds of challenges.

The top version is the final, or rather, the final quick sketch (I had one lunchtime to do it, so it’s in the sketch phase at the moment). Below is my first version. I thought it would be funnier if we tried to get the cow into a tiny cabbage. But since the cabbage was the point, and, frankly, not the udders, she asked me to make the cabbage more prominent.

The final one looks a bit “Little Shop of Horrors,” which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

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