More Frog Prince


  1. I would put an annoyed expression on Princess Moy Moy in the second panel. Downcast mouth would do. I thought she refused anyway but the King made her eat with the frog to keep her promise? Then she cried and cried until the frog turned into a prince?

    Are you doing this in Adobe Illustrator? Me like!

  2. Hi Novey - ya know, Serena said the same thing. If one person says it, it's a difference of opinion, but if everyone looking at it says the same thing, I need to change it! So I updated this post with the revised pic.

    You're right, in the Grimm version it's the father that makes her keep her promise, but I decided to make it more kid-centered in this one. I figure as long as somebody reminds her to keep her promises, the story ought to come out the same.