Work in Progress


Realized I haven't posted here in a while, wanted to post something I've been working on!



 Watercolor sketch to prepare for my next painting.



 Went for a walk and saw this scene; seemed like a good idea for a painting.


Happy Halloween!

The finished paintings! All on display in the front yard just in time for Trick or Treaters.


Work in Progress for Halloween

I had some leftover wood after re-uphostering chairs, and decided to make some Halloween decorations. Here are the creatures just cut out of wood (and placed in a suitable sylvan setting).

 And here they are with some paint on them. Finished work to come soon!



No real reason for this one. Just the sort of thing I draw when left to my own devices.


A Pyrrhic Triumph

In a D&D game I was playing:

Player: I want my kobold to steal the eggs of the giant centipede we just slew.

DM: You're lowered down into the lair, and see the clutch of eggs covered in webs. What do you do?

Player: I cut the webs and take an egg.

DM: You are immediately attacked by three giant spiders.

Player: ... I forgot centipedes don't spin webs.

I had to draw it.