No real reason for this one. Just the sort of thing I draw when left to my own devices.


A Pyrrhic Triumph

In a D&D game I was playing:

Player: I want my kobold to steal the eggs of the giant centipede we just slew.

DM: You're lowered down into the lair, and see the clutch of eggs covered in webs. What do you do?

Player: I cut the webs and take an egg.

DM: You are immediately attacked by three giant spiders.

Player: ... I forgot centipedes don't spin webs.

I had to draw it.


Birthday Wishes

My birthday card to my wife this year. This may not seem like the most romantic of cards, but, as someone who is plagued by mosquitos, she loved it!


1000-lb Nothic

When your D&D group dispatches so many goblins that your allied Nothic overeats AND the DM's wife watches "1000 Lb. Sisters," you get this.

For those unfamiliar with the show, here's one of their promo pics:

And for those who don't play D&D, here's what a Nothic usually looks like:

Two things - Dungeons & Dragons and reality TV - that were never meant to be brought together, but I couldn't resist.

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More Cowball

 My wife wanted me to draw a cute cow for her Chinese New Year post. My first one was too skinny. So I decided to go full round, and she loved it. 

Happy Chinese New Year!


Christmas Book Gnomes

Not every gnome wears the same outfit. This guy is more fashion foreward.

Illustrations from my annual Christmas book to my children.


Christmas Gnomes

I'm into both Christmas and gnomes, so this was the inevitable result. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!


Celtic Snowflake

 A little drawing for the holidays.


Poor Carl

I was carving a pumpkin, and it occurred to me what pumpkins would think of the whole thing. Didn't stop me from carving a bunch more, but it did bring this to mind.

Happy Halloween!